Thursday, March 7, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly!

Alright! So today was my transvaginal ultrasound! So basically we firstly couldn't find the place! (Edward and I can't read numbers!)

edit; Mum was reading this and said this did not sound right! I'm talking about the building people!!!!)

I had to have an enema an hour before and let me say this isn't 100% pleasant.. Bearable.. I don't know which I prefer.. Picoprep or an enema! Hahaa!

This procedure was very unpleasant! I don't know why they do such an invasive ultrasound for that area! It hurts! So basically we were looking for nodules that stood out all over the bowel, as you may have read I'm looking at having a bowel resection.. So they needed to stand out to get the ball rolling! They found 4 nodules.. They believe that there is one giant one or it's two very close together and then two that are 1cm x 1cm.. they are all over the lining of the bowel.. We found adhesions as well!
Thank god I can't understand ultrasound people talk!

Those ultrasounds unless you're looking for a baby are very confusing! But interesting! Going to my GP this afternoon and I'm going to ask for some stronger pain killers!
Colorectal surgeon on Monday! Xx

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