Monday, March 11, 2013

We need you.

I've decided to dedicate and talk about how endometriosis doesn't just effect me.

Edward what would I do without him? He probably suffers with this disease just as much as I do. He feels helpless when I'm rolling around on the floor crying my eyes out because I'm in so much pain, he's the one who comes with big bunches of flowers after every-time. He doesn't know how to deal with this disease and is trying to learn with me every step of the way..

Mum what would I do without mum taking me to every appointment? Mum is having to have time off school to constantly come, I know how hard it is! But without her coming with me; I'd be very scared and alone!

Everyone needs to realize that with a chronic illness it doesn't just start to affect you; it affects the people you love. I have heard some stories of people being left because its "too hard" so please, help someone with a chronic don't know how much they may need you..

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