Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keeping up with the Kardashians..?

Everyone knows who the kardashians are, and I will be the first one to admit that I am basically obsessed with this tv show; now basically I've started watching Kourtney and Kim take Miami and anyone who watches tv or reads any type of media knows that Kim Kardashian is currently pregnant. Now in the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 7. You watch as Khloe and Kim go and see a fertility doctor.. I have loved Khloe for years, she is my favorite and she has been married for 3 years now I believe? I have watched as she has "possibly" miscarried, her ups and downs with her fertility issues and the fact that in 3 years she has not become pregnant.. Now Khloe isn't producing or releasing eggs I believe so she is going through her own fertility struggles, I feel for her..
But you suddenly I feel out of the blue you find out that Kim has her own fertility struggles??! Now I hear the doctor say that Kim's eggs are low and basically just needs to go off the pill due to being on it for many years..

Now this seems about right doesn't it? For anyone who has been on the pill your hormones are going to be very low. Now today watching the Kardashians, Kim is still talking about her fertility issues and "apparently" having the eggs of a 50 something year old. She goes on the whole episode that her chance to be a mother has been taken away. This makes me think.. now are Kim's issues with her fertility as bad as she has made them out to be? Is this show scripting an issue that hits home to us for ratings? Am I being too harsh? But from the time this episode was filmed and the fertility issues for Kim begun, it's only been maybe.. 4 months of her "trying" to get pregnant..

I'm sorry Kim, I'm generally a huge fan of your show.. But maybe Kris Humphries is right? If you've lied about your fertility..
What else have you lied about? Us woman actually have a struggle with fertility and I don't want you cashing in on something that isn't true to begin with.

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