Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bowel Symptoms and Endo..

"Bowel symptoms are a common but often unrecognised consequence of endometriosis, especially chronic and recurrent endometriosis. Nobody knows exactly what proportion of women with endometriosis have bowel symptoms; it could be five percent, thirty percent, or anywhere in between. However, we are fairly sure that a relatively large proportion of our members suffer from bowel symptoms of some sort. When the American, British, and Australian endometriosis groups were set up in the early to mid 1980s, it became clear that many of their members had bowel symptoms. At the time, few doctors realised that bowel symptoms were a common symptom of endometriosis. It was only when the national endometriosis groups began talking to leading gynaecologists about the experiences of their members that doctors began to look for and find bowel symptoms in their patients. Nowadays, most gynaecologists and many GPs understand the relationship between bowel symptoms and endometriosis. However, too many GPs still do not think of endometriosis when their young female patients report symptoms such as intermittent constipation or diarrhoea, or alternating bouts of the two. Most importantly, they do not think to ask the young woman if her bowel symptoms vary with her menstrual cycle – the key feature of bowel symptoms due to endometriosis. As a result, some young women are not being diagnosed with endometriosis" This is very relatable to myself, when I started going to my GP with pain around the bowel area so for a long time we focused just on my bowel symptoms.. I was going to gastrointestinal specialists and nothing was coming back in my tests.. Now look where I am?


  1. I'm exactly the same. Fobbed off with IBS for years, now I'm stuck with stage 4 endo x

  2. I too presented to the GP with bowel symptoms initially. Saw a gastro dr multiple times which resulted in being told I was wheat intolerant. Years on and my symptoms have worsened. (I suffer diarrhoea most days of the week up to 7 times a day..) Last year I had a laparoscopy to investigate an ovarian growth which turned out to be an endometrioma. Unfortunately the stage IV endometriosis couldn't be tested at the time as a urologist was also required. This year I had the endometriosis removed but surprisingly I'm still suffering the bowel symptoms (yet no endo was found on my bowels) and I'm still struggling with the pain. I've been told it may take eight weeks for everything to settle so here's hoping! Currently only five weeks post surgery...

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