Monday, March 11, 2013

Pain in my ass??

Well I saw the colorectal surgeon this afternoon and I am booked in for surgery Friday the 22nd! So next week.. I'm very nervous, I hate the preparation for this.. We had a lot to talk about which I can't remember half of it, but if it has perforated the bowel I will be looking at a ileostomy.. So basically a ileostomy is a surgical opening constructed by bringing the end or loop of small intestine (the ileum) out onto the surface of the skin. Intestinal waste passes out of the ileostomy and is collected in an external pouching system stuck to the skin. Ileostomies are usually sited above the groin on the right hand side of the abdomen. I'm very much hoping that it isn't going to have to come to this; I watched my mother go through a ileostomy in 2006, she did remind me that if she was able to live with it for a year, I can too.. I dont know many 18 year olds that go through? I said that to the colorectal surgeon this afternoon, I need to remember that I have been given this disease for a reason, I am meant to raise awareness, I need to think of this every surgery..

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