Friday, March 15, 2013

Nothing else we can do.. for now..

So for those of you who read yesterdays blog you'll know that the pain has been almost unbearable for the past 48 hours.. I had to ring in sick again this morning as I spent half the night getting up to re heat my wheat pack (Which did relieve some pain!) I felt horrible ringing in sick to work again, I'm not sure if everyone at work is aware of the situation or completely understands it, but as everyone knows.. I don't look sick! Besides the red baggy eyes, I look 100% fine! I often think to myself would I rather look sick? Maybe then people would understand the condition more if I looked as crap as I felt!!The hospital has received my admissions forms, so hopefully all systems go for next friday! I'm very nervous as to what they may find, but I am so over this disease at this point I'd rather them find something and remove it.. My tummy was very distended last night.. I did have a thought that possibly this all could be due to the extra hormone pills I have been put on over the last week.. I called my gp this afternoon and he quickly said that they would've had nothing to do with it. So I was back to square one. He recommended that I came in to see him.. So I went and saw him this afternoon and basically they're is nothing we can do for my pain I was already on prescription pain killers which weren't really helping.. He also felt my tummy and said basically all the medication I'm on is most likely making me constipated.. So if I am, and of course the endometriosis is either on the outside of the bowel or has invaded the bowel, it will be stretched and prodded.. So basically I shouldn't eat! hahaah! So I'm pretty miserable at the moment.. I'm honestly over this pain.. I have everything riding on friday, so heres hoping they find something!

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