Friday, March 22, 2013

Colonoscopy Adventures.

So as most of you know today was D day for the colonoscopy/gastroscopy.. I was very nervous and hated every bit of it! Now I will be telling my experience as I believe it does really help; so if this is too much don't carry on!

I started my liquid diet yesterday (21/03/2013) I had bought some chicken noodle soup and jelly but I'm telling you, I've had neither.. I slept most of yesterday because I knew the more I was awake the hungrier I would get! I started the first dose of picoprep at 3:00pm it was disgusting.. A mix of powder and warm water. Yuck. It did start to work very quickly. Yuck. Ps.. Have some baby wipes with aloe vera.. Trust me.. You need them!
I had another dose of glycoprep at 4:00pm.. That was mixed with a liter of water and tasted like lemon and I felt very sick.. Again.. Bathroom.. Disgusting.. Also have some cream.. Again.. You'll thank me later.. Then another does of picoprep.. I was over this by then!! I had not eaten all day..

Moving onto today! I was awake by 7:15 and on the road by 7:45.. I woke up with a huge migraine and could not take anything for it! That also resulted in some vomiting and a lot of nausea in the 1 hour trip to the hospital.. I felt like shit..
I saw my doctor she waved and smiled and then it was time to be admitted.. The usual, the weight, allergies Ect.. It was a bit of a wait.. I wanted Mum to come in with me because I was scared.. They wouldn't let her.. I climbed into bed and tried to rest because I was hoping the headache and nausea would pass.. Nurses kept coming in.. And then they moved me in.. The lovely anesthesiologist promised she would put something in my IV to get rid of the headache.. I was very dehydrated.. And freezing. I could not maintain a body temperature. She put the needle in and there was a rush of fluid.. I was then told to roll over.. And I was out!!

I woke up very drowsy and in a lot of pain in my lower abdomen.. I felt around and there was no bag or such.. Finally after 36 hours I had a chicken, ham and cheese and tomato sandwich! Trust me.. Yum! I waited a while longer and went to sit in those lovely big chairs with mum..
Dr came and said she didn't find anything to be too concerned about.. She did find something between the vagina and rectum region, but we have to wait.. I was dissapointed.. It's frustrating.. I told her about the pain and she ordered an emergency CT scan to make sure I wasn't bleeding internally.. Had that done as waited two hours to find nothing there.. But.. I have about 6 kidney stones! It's one thing after another right now!

I'm booked in to see her on Tuesday where I will be referred to someone for my kidneys.. I then see Dr Reid on the 5th of April.. So it could be another month before my laposcopy.. I'm in so much pain.. I'm 100% over it.. So that's probably what I'm upset about.. That it may be another month in absolute agony.. Which I'm in now as I believe she's probably upset my endo.. So that's what's happening! Xx

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