Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I was going to write this as a Facebook status but everyone may not care! Clearly if you have come onto my blog you must somewhat say what I have to say! I haven't updated in a few days, that prank phone call really shook me and made me feel like this blog was nothing and I was annoying people.. But I'm going to update you about my appointment today! (Not too much detail though!)

So today I started off with a photo shoot with girlfriend magazine! So if you're from Australia I'll be in the may issue! A exciting time! I also went and saw the gynecologist today.. Sitting in the waiting room I had a lot of anxiety, my heart was pounding and I was worried about what was going to happen.. would it be like last time? Would I go home wanting to cry?

Basically I came out so much more positive than I have been.. I feel hope for my condition.. Look the prognosis isn't great, but the way I was spoken to about this disease today has made me mentally feel so much better!
so basically we were talking about my endometriosis, we're looking at my vowel and kidney problems I'm having at the moment all being connected! Which would be fantastic but obviously not great! So updating basically; I'm seeing a colorectal surgeon on Monday; this colorectal surgeon will be in on my surgery (when it happens) due to our discussion (I won't bore you with those details!) I am also having a new type of ultrasound on Thursday that is very invasive and will give us a better look into what's going on!
So once I have those things done, I'll be back to the gynecologist and we'll be booking in for surgery!

We also started speaking about fertility, this doctor specializes in endometriosis and fertility, he asked me was I concerned.. I could have said no, but quite frankly I am.. So I had a blood test today for my Anti-Müllerian hormone levels.. So basically (this is from a website!)
Broadly speaking, a woman's ovarian reserve is the amount of good quality eggs remaining in her ovaries. Although men continually produce new sperm, women are born with their lifetime supply of eggs. In other words, women do not produce new eggs and as they age their supply of eggs in their ovaries decreases. As the rate of loss of eggs varies between women, it can be difficult to predict the amount of eggs and level of fertility a woman has as she ages. Therefore, measuring ovarian reserve can be an important part of fertility evaluation..
So basically we need to see how much the endometriosis has effected me..

So basically this is what happened today! I'm very positive yet scared.. The doctor went through photos to explain exactly what he was saying.. It's very confronting..
So I'll keep you all updated! Here's a photo from the shoot from today!

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