Monday, February 18, 2013


Today I'm going to be 100% open in this blog, I'm opening up with my fears for the future.. Please keep in mind these are 100% my thoughts and this is a space for learning about the disease and how I am dealing with it..

So today I am talking about the possibility of being infertile.. I have not being told that my chance of children has been robbed but there are millions of women who are infertile due to this disease. This is like PCOS where you may not have children. Now there are also plenty of women that I have read that have had beautiful children and this is why one of the "cures" for endo is pregnancy.. This is currently not a option. I am 18 at the end of the day.. I need to live my life but I do everyday worry that I will never have that chance.. I shouldn't be worrying at my age about having children, but due to the severity of my endo I worry that I will be unlucky and not have this blessing.. Now these are 100% my feelings.. I am with someone wonderful that I plan on spending the rest of my life with and having children.. But what if this isn't a option? I want to have children to have something to work for..

Saying that I was told by a woman who read my hand said i would have four children.. Now if my endo continues to be like this I may choose to have a hysterectomy which will eliminate everything.. So that will not be a option to have children after that.. Do we adopt? surrogacy? These are all things that I probably shouldn't be worrying about at 18! Lets see what the future has in hold..
Will I have money to afford IVF if I can't have children?

Any women that have been through endo.. Have you had children? Was it hard? Let me know!

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