Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Gynecologist??

So I have been seeing my current gynecologist for the last two years.. But to be honest, I'm not 100% happy... He doubted me when I went to see him about my endometriosis.. My pain wasn't in the "right area" this has made me doubt my condition the whole time.. Is it in my head? Am I being a hypochondriac? All these questions run through my mind.. I know how much pain I am in.. And I'm letting a doctor let me doubt that? He finally agreed to take me in and as it turns out.. Stage four endo.. Follow up appointment he said I'd never suffer again.. Perfect! Viola! Two months later my pain returned.. Another trip to him was in order.. Another oh it hasn't come back that fast! We should leave it?? (Now I'm sorry most of you have no idea what this pain is like) I couldn't leave it.. This takes over my life everyday.. I'm on pain killers.. Strong ones! It was back again too quickly! Endo doesn't come back remember??? Que. self doubt!
He finally agreed to take me in! You think I'd be happy! Nope! Final words before my surgery? "Now I doubt we'll find anything again.. It's too soon!"

Turns out stage four endo! Again I'm back at stage one.. I'm at my wits end to have some sort of relief.. Comfort.. Anything? I'm finally taking things into my own hands.. I want a new gynecologist.. So I think I have found one.. He seems to specialize in this alone! Woohoo! Now to convince my doctor it's the right decision..

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  1. Those are feels I can relate to. Just... not with gynecholgists.