Friday, February 15, 2013

New Gynecologist!!!!

So yesterday was another trip to the doctors! This can be a weekly thing or if I'm lucky maybe two weekly thing! So I got sick in November actually over the last 2 years I have become increasingly sick.. If its not one thing, it's another.. Actually my doctor said in October we weren't going to see each other once a week anymore, we were going to try and see how I went.. But in adrienne style.. I came down with meningitis! So it was back to weekly appointment until he left me for 6 weeks! (I admit he does need a break) but boy I must've bombarded him when he came back!

Now my previous gynecologist I haven't seen since after my last surgery in August which is disappointing, my endo has come back so quickly that I need someone to help me! So as said in my previous post I was looking for a new gynecologist! I had someone in mind (who actually when I messaged Mum the name, she informed me that it was the day of one of my little sisters friends...) so Mum came in with me to the doctor and we bought up how disappointed we were.. Now my doctor has already been told what the previous gynecologist has said "it doesn't come back that quickly" "it's not that severe" Ect.. He laughed and said its completely different to what the gynecologist has out in his letter explaining his findings during my operations.. As it turns out, my endometriosis is stage 5 which is the last and most severe stage.. Now we don't know why he is saying one thing to mum and I and another in the letter (could be to stop me from going neurotic?! - by the way, that hasn't helped!!)

So with that information I told my doctor the name of this gynecologist I had in mind.. He did inform me that he was basically the same as my previous one.. So I'd be back at square one! He went through his list and I have now been referred to Geoffrey Reid who is world known and only specializes in endometriosis and fertility! Yay! He has been finding endometriosis for over 20 years and only deals with severe cases.. I had actually read about him in many findings, so presently I'm satisfied!

So this is my next step! I'm seeing him on the 26th of February and then I see my gastro-intestinal specialist on the 28th!
So I'm feeling positive!

I'll post his website for any of you that want to check him out!

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