Saturday, February 16, 2013

Treatments/Alternative Therapy!

So today I'm basically going to talk about the treatments, medications ect which I believe may help!

The pain which I have everyday is unbearable and I honestly will try anything to help take the pain away.. Of a night when I'm honestly over the pain I generally will have a bath.. I have found that Radox muscle Sooth is an absolutely excellent buy! I will put about two lid fills into a nice warm bath and viola! Bubbles = relaxed Adrienne! Honestly this does help the pain so much! It may be because I am in such a relaxed state, but at the end of the day I'm willing to do anything! On top of this I also use Radox muscle sooth body wash, this does help relax every muscle in the body and I love the sent! They do have bath salts available
but this does not give you a bubble bath! A hard day with pain definitely needs a bubble bath!

I am also a huge believer in yoga at the moment, going through Pinterest you so find a lot of stretches that help with pelvic and back pain (due to where the endometriosis is, this will transfer into my back) if I can you will generally find me on the floor stretching when I'm in the most pain.. I also have a pelvic floor cd which is meant to relax your pelvic muscle and strengthen to relieve pain.. This is a bit of an odd cd.. I tend to listen to this alone.. She likes to mention your female area being like a elevator.. Yeah well..

So basically that's the alternative side of things.. I am currently on medication to help stop the endometriosis from growing.. Generally speaking endometriosis will only grow when you have a menstrual cycle.. But of course you have that small percentage of women that will have it grow anyway! (Yep me!!!)I have not had a menstrual cycle for 6 or 7 months now, and this was to stop the pain and slow the process of growth..
No luck! This does make me worry about how it's affecting my body and this is of course not a normal process for my body.. So I take the pill everyday and skip the sugar pills every month.. I'm also on a hormone tablet called Ralovera.. This is meant to put more "male hormones" (I hate using that term!!! Eddy asked the doctor is I was going to start growing a beard -.- thanks dear!!) this again is meant to stop the growth of the hormones that help the endometriosis..

We can all clearly see that this is not working! So last resort is my strong prescription pain killers which I go through over 40 a week.. That's a lot.. Again I'm scared what this is doing to my body? Is it damaging my liver? And I'm becoming addicted? Do they even work anymore?? It scares me..

Currently I'm also undertaking a sort of relaxed gluten free diet. As humans we don't always digest wheat or gluten very well.. So the doctor and I believe that maybe this is what my pain could be? The one things that I am completely going gluten/wheat free are bread and pasta! If you have me on Facebook you saw my status that I was finally able to eat my mums spaghetti with gluten free pasta without being sick for the first time! The bread is pretty good as well! Those seem to be helping! I see the gastro-intestinal specialist on the 28th and it will probably be time for a colonoscopy.. I am keeping in mind that my endometriosis may be covering my bowel and that this colonoscopy may just be a pain in my ass... (Hahahaha get it???)
But hey! I'll probably be due for more surgery after that! I am scared for my next surgery.. But that's my next blog!! Xx

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