Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pain? Again..

Ahh feeling kind of down tonight..
It's generally around this time that I will be over everything and may take it out on anyone around me.. The past couple of nights I have had severe indigestion as well as pain.. So I've been basically throwing up of a night.. This is basically just a post where I just want to winge and be out of pain.

Being at work I cannot sit down constantly and stretch my back, the more severe the pain gets, the more it then goes into my back, so at the end of the night I'm ready to collapse! I'm trying to deal with getting over my meningitis as well at the moment, so on top of the pain, I will generally be really tired no many hours of sleep I will get.. Before returning to work I was sleep 12-15 hours a day and it wasn't because I was lazy, it's because I honesty can't get up..
Saying that; I can't spend all day sleeping so if its a full day, everyone knows I'll be very grumpy by the end..

I'm going to have another winge about my weight situation! I started thinking about this while Edward and I were on our nightly walk.. When I first was put on my medication in April 2011 I was 60kg, I was going through a rough time, but I wouldn't say that I was not eating. We have all noticed that since I've gone on the mediation my weight has gone back up.
I'm surprisingly not eating anything bad! I calorie count everyday to ensure that I'm eating enough for my body and exercise but I can't seem to shift it! I'm blaming the hormones, the pill and my anti depressants! A week excuse I know;
But honestly that's what I think!

So I'm going to hop into my nightly bubble bath and hopefully put the wheat pack and my nightly medication and hopefully will sleep off the pain! Xx

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