Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last four year review!

I started my endometriosis journey when I was fourteen; I was loosing weight and always in chronic stomach pain. With saying this; the pain was not located in the "normal" place you would find endometriosis.. We gave up looking for any hope until April 2011 (I was 17 that year) I ended up leaving my high school due to a severe bullying case. The doctors believed that this pain was possibly due to stress. He did send me to a gastro/intestinal specialist who did mention endometriosis but again due to the pain not being in a "normal place" he put me in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy for the bowel which resulted in nothing being found.. This all resulted in me also being diagnosed with depression. I was living being bullied and in this chronic pain that no one could explain.

Finally a couple of months later my partner convinced me to go back after I experienced an unusual pain in the lower abdomen; my doctor then suggested that a trip to the gynecologist was needed.. I was put in for a laparoscopy in August 2011 and was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis. I went back to the gynecologist who told me it would never ever attack me again..

In January 2012, the pain started again, neither the doctor or gynecologist believed that it could be back so quickly, they kept putting the operation off.. Until I was pestering them so much they put me back in May 2012, less that 12 months later. Yes it was back and yes It was stage four again... I felt like I had been cheated, the gynecologist has said that he no longer wants to operate on me due to how quickly it keeps coming back..

Fast forward to this year, I'm starting to feel the pain in my lower abdomen and back again; I have also been dealing with meningitis.. I haven't been to work in 6 weeks and I'm not sure when I'm due back.. This has definitely affected my life, I may never get rid of the chronic disease, but I truly hope my chance to have children hasn't been robbed..

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