Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Myths and Misconceptions of Endometriosis..

So I have spoken before about the misleading information that is out there for the public about endometriosis, heck I've even been told a few myself..
We can relate this back to the fact that there hasn't been enough research into this disease to support facts. I myself find it also hard to believe that male gynecologists can understand the pain. That may sound harsh and I'm sure they do a fantastic job, but they don't understand the pain..
I bought this up after an article I saw on twitter last night was posted.. There were misconceptions in the article that I saw a lot of women up in arms. We need facts and every article that is posted needs to have correct information, you don't see articles about cancer with misleading facts.. We need all the correct facts, I'll be bringing up the probably most common misconceptions and facts about endometriosis.. Feel free to comment if I missed anything!

Period pain is normal
Attitudes towards this also taboo subject of a women's menstrual cycle have changed over time.. Severe period pain that keeps us women from going about our day to day activities is not normal.. This is what alerted me to the fact thy I had a problem (at this time it was not located in pelvic area) this pain was excruciating.. I was in so much pain at school that I would be going to the bathroom every class.. I was embarrassed.. I didn't want people judging me, but it hurt so much. If period pain is affecting your everyday life then you should get it checked out. So many women have no idea that they have endometriosis.. I now know that the pain was not normal! This pain now effects me and millions of other women everyday. We can't go about our day to day tasks. I know personally that if I stand or sit for too long I have a lot of pain, at this point to pain killers will help. This has also affects my sleep and relationship.. Luckily I do have someone who is amazing that will look after me.. I have heard that plenty of women have had relationships end because of the toll it has taken on the relation.. I understand that it's difficult for partners to understand, but they need to be educated to help their girlfriends through the difficult times!

no-one is too young for endometriosis
It has only been recently that more and more teenagers are being diagnosed with endometriosis, I myself was obviously diagnosed at 16.
The diagnosis is sometimes only found when women are trying to conceive a child and can't.. It is thought that endometriosis does start in your teens but women wait till their 20's and 30's to be diagnosed. As said in the previous post, this is not normal. I have read that the earlier you start your menstrual cycle the higher chance you have of developing endometriosis..
Now I don't know if this is true, but sayings this, I had my first menstrual cycle in 2004 when I was in year 4.. I was 9 or 10 I believe..

Pregnancy cures endometriosis
Now I have been told that if I became pregnant that my endometriosis will magically disappear, now we didn't go into this subject.. But correct me if I'm wrong.. Is it because you don't have a period for 9 months? If this is why women are being told to become pregnant then we can say that this is 100% false! I haven't had a period in almost 9 months and my endometriosis has grown without being fed, now with saying that I could e wrong! I myself may have that fact wrong.. Another may be the pregnancy hormones help surpass periods.. I don't know.. But we can confirm this is false!

Hysterectomy cures endometriosis
Now we are seeing that endometriosis just doesn't occur on your uterus, Ect.. It has been found on the lungs, brain and other tissue you wouldn't expect! Now I have also been told that a hysterectomy may be my only other option.. I have spoken to so many women on twitter that have gold me that after so many years of enduring the pain they have just eliminated the problem. Unless the tissue surrounding the area is completely clear, endometriosis will come back!

Now it was the article on twitter that got me started last night, there needs to be more understanding and any "false" articles need to be removed. I am hoping that one day there is a cure for this horrible disease. I don't want anyone to keep going through this..
It upsets me that I am on so much medication to help stop this disease but its not helping.. Without the women thy I speak to on a daily basis about this disease we wouldn't be getting our message out there.. It's time to start getting the facts about this disease that is ruining my life and million of other women's lives out there! So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Thank you for posting this. Everyone thought I was too young to have endo. I Am 16 now and was diagnosed at 13. So many girls go unknowing for years because they are "too young" and doctors don't even want to check them. THANK YOU for spreading the word.

  2. Thanks for posting! I was diagnosed last year and had a laparoscopic surgery a year ago this month. Was 23 when I found out and 24 now. Still looking for information about endometriosis.