Sunday, February 17, 2013


So amongst all my other problems, during October 2012 I came down with the sometimes fatal infection of meningitis.. On the Monday Edward and I had gone to the city and I noticed that I was more sore than usual bit out that down to walking around, bad shoes..? The Wednesday night I was driving home from Edwards house and I remember thinking that I was coming down with something.. My throat was sore, I felt feverish.. So I went home took some panadol and went to sleep it off.. That Thursday morning I felt like absolute shit.. I have never felt so sick in my entire life.. I was drowsy.. I couldn't awaken.. Edward said have some breakfast and I'm sure you'll start to feel better! I went out and tried to eat and bowl of oats and dried reaches as soon as I put it in my mouth.. But body would not have it.. That's when I knew I was sick.. I always eat! I rang the doctor instinctively and made an appointment for about 4:40, I thought if I was coming down with something I may as well get onto it straight away!!

Mum kept trying to keep me awake but I kept collapsing out of tiredness... I want and had a shower and washed my hair to look some more human like! It was so hard to move, I could barley stand and every movement took my breath away.. Something was wrong.. By the time we got into the car, I couldn't see properly and light was hurting my eyes.. No it was killing my eyes.. I was hallucinating and throwing up all the way down.. Mum finally asked if my neck was sore.. It was.. She knew straight away what was wrong.. (Dad had bacterial meningitis in 2003, we'd been through this!)

I seemed to wait for what seemed like forever.. I was throwing up.. I wasn't comfortable.. Mum went outside to phone dad and Edward.. She knew I would be going to emergency.. I finally went in and he took one look at me and said.. Shw shouldn't be here.. She should be at emergency.. He did all the tests for meningitis.. I couldn't move my neck one bit and I had a rash developing...
This either ment is was menigercocol or meningitis.. I have never seen Edward move from work so quickly, he must've run! We got into the car and headed for the emergency..

Meningitis will be generally fatal if you don't move quickly.. The staff had me in record time, this would've been so I didn't die!! I had a bed and we turned all the lights out.. I was very, very scared at this point.. A lumbar puncture was ordered. Basically a lumbar puncture is where a big long needle is inserted in to the middle of the back between the discs to extract spinal fluid.. It hurt.. I was admitted for the next week...

I was during this time given a hell of a lot of antibiotics.. Injections everyday and I discovered I have a vitamin b-12 deficiency! Yay another thing to add to my list!! I was put in the stroke unit to ensure that my brain was being looked after :-) although I was with older people, I was scared..

Fast forward to now and I was a lucky girl, I didn't loose any limbs.. I amongst other things will still suffer debilitating headaches everyday and photo sensitivity.. The reason this is so deadly is because its an infection in the brain.. Now many people die from this because you feel like you just have the flu.. If I had left it another day.. I possibly would have die.. I'm not sugar coating this. Most people will die from this infection.. I was very lucky..
I do however suffer chronic fatigue from my poor body being through so much and I only last Sunday went back to work after being on sick leave from November 16. It's currently a huge struggle and I'm so exhausted..
But I needed it.. So please get meningitis checked out.. It will be fatal if you don't!

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