Friday, July 26, 2013

Poppin pills!

I know people who have not even had a Panadol in years because they don’t believe in medications to take away pain. I do. I am currently taking three different pills a day as part of the treatments they think will help with my pain (plus an optional pill for really 9 out of 10 pain) and there is times, where I will take up to 8 or 10 nurofen plus on top of this a day.. 

I carry a little medications purse on me at all times (this being my very gorgeous guess makeup bag!) I am reassured by having them with me, just in case. In case the pain really kicks in, in case I end up somewhere else when I have to take my medication or in case the world suddenly runs short of my medication.

I am so conscientious about keeping plenty of them on hand that I think my pharmacist is suspicious of the amount of prescriptions I put through him.. I almost go into my chemist every day, they do know me by medication and name. They did use to know mum and I because of the medication dad was on, but now I am the one who has taken over.. We did reach the safety net already this year where we get our scripts for that little bit cheaper which is a god send!

Thursday brings my appointment with the rheumatoid arthritist specialist.. Lets see how that goes!! 

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